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Click on any of the presentation title pages.  Each has a link that will open the associated video presentation in a new window.

The more recent material is above the horizontal ruler.  I recommend you watch these in this order:

The Importance of Being Stationary

The Four Faces of Risk

Trading System Development — Indicator-Based

Trading System Development — Machine Learning

Monte Carlo Techniques: Applications to Trading

The interview with Andrew Swanscott is audio.  It gives a good overview of my thoughts on trading system development, and of the difficulties that systems designers face.  It fits in at any point in the viewing sequence.

Some earlier presentations have some value.  They are below the horizontal ruler.  Tools and techniques are changing.  Resolve any inconsistency in favor of the more recent material.

Comments related to the recordings in general are welcome on this page.  Comments specific to one of the individual recording should be made on the page of that recording.

The Importance of Being Stationary
Four Faces of Risk
Indicator Based Trading System Development
Trading System Development using Machine Learning
Interview with Better System Trader

Recorded June 2015

Recorded at ATAA Conference, Melbourne, May 2014

Recorded July 2013 for TSAA, SanFrancisco

Trader Tech Talk interview with Dr Howard Bandy

Recorded September 2013

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