Machine Learning Course from Stanford and Coursera

The ever-popular machine learning course sponsored by Coursera and Stanford University, taught by Andrew Ng, is beginning a new session.

Syllabus and Enrollment

Tuition is free.  Or $49 if you want a certificate upon completion of the course.

The course is 11 weeks long, began this week (February, 2016) and ends in April, 2016.

Over 10,000 people have already enrolled in this session.


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  1. This was an outstanding course. Subsequently I have acquired numerous references expecting to learn ML in greater depth with a view to a broad collection of applications. Very interesting!

  2. I have recently completed the course and obtained my course certificate. The course provides a very good foundation for the application of machine learning techniques to a number of areas. A reasonable level of programming experience and mathematical knowledge are required to get the most out of it, but it is not excessively difficult. I would also highly recommend it to anybody with an interest in the field.

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