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Blue Owl Press provides complete support for your trading system projects. Whether you need anything from a short telephone consultation, to help designing your trading system, programming of your ideas, analyzing their risk and profit potential, providing reference and instructional books or in-depth workshops, we have the resources to help you solve your problems. Our specialty is the design, testing, validation, and analysis of trading systems. We work with stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, futures, forex, and options. We use good modeling and simulation techniques to insure that your system is free of data mining and other biases. We can program your system in AmiBroker or Python, test it using end-of-day or intra-day data, analyze its risk and profit potential.  As it is being traded, we can determine, trade-by-trade, whether it is healthy (and what the optimal position size for the next trade should be) or broken (and should be taken offline until it recovers). All work is done under strict adherence to your non-disclosure requirements.

Brief Resume

Photo of Dr Howard Bandy The principal consultant is Dr. Howard B. Bandy. This text is a summary — for a narrative description, visit the YouTube presentation of Dr. Bandy’s resume. My education includes degrees in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science. My graduate studies and research were in the areas of modeling and simulation, statistics, and artificial intelligence. My graduate advisors were among of the pioneers in the computer industry. In artificial intelligence, I did some of the early work in nearest neighbor analysis.

I am retired from a position as a tenured full professor of computer science and mathematics, and a university dean.

My professional career included:

  • University teaching and research in computer science and mathematics.
  • Management of commercial and industrial computer divisions (what would today be called chief information officer).
  • Applications of modeling and simulation to financial trading systems.
  • Design and programming for a system to select individual stocks to trade, and to generate buy and sell signals for them.
  • Senior research analyst for a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), where I held a Series 3 license.
  • Invited speaker at local, national, and international conferences.
  • Author of five books related to trading system development and management.

Consulting, Classes, Workshops, Speeches, and Seminars

We can work from our office in Oregon, communicating via telephone, e-mail, and Skype. Or we can travel to your location and work in your office. Our fees for all programming, design, testing, and analysis projects are very reasonable. There is no cost for the initial discussion of your project.

We can provide training, workshops, and seminars for your staff — at your facilities or a convenient off-site location. Subject matter can be any or all of the topics listed below, plus others that you have need for and we are qualified to present, all tailored to your specific requirements.

Classes and workshops will have a hands-on computer component. Speeches and seminars will not.

Speeches and seminars might be as short as one or two hours, or as long as several weeks. Classes and workshops might be one day, a week or two, or an entire semester.

We are well-versed in the broad topics of modeling, simulation, the scientific method, machine learning, trading system development, and trading management.  Including these specific topics:

Trading System Development

  • Design
    • Scientific method
    • Target
    • Objective function
    • Holding period
    • Time frame
    • Multiple time frames
    • Accuracy
    • Stationarity
    • Risk tolerance
    • Issue selection
    • Issue risk
    • Multiple issues and intermarket
  • Programming
    • Trading system development platform
      • AmiBroker
      • AmiBroker extensions using dlls
    • Machine learning
      • Python
      • NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib
      • scikit-learn
    • Indicators
    • Transformations
    • Impulse and state signals
    • Entries
    • Exits



  • Testing / learning
    • In-sample backtesting
    • Optimization
    • Parameter selection
  • Validation
    • Out-of-sample
    • Walk forward tests
    • Sensitivity
  • Analysis
    • Frequentist Statistics
    • Bayesian statistics
    • Monte Carlo
    • Risk assessment
    • risk normalization
    • Compare alternatives
    • Profit estimation


Trading Management

  • Position sizing
  • Dynamic position sizing
  • System health
  • Is it working?  Or broken?



Telephone (Oregon): 520 705 1239

email:  howard@blueowlpress.com

or send an email using this form:

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