Introduction to AmiBroker

Introduction to AmiBroker book front cover
Introduction to AmiBroker front cover
Introduction to AmiBroker book back cover
Introduction to AmiBroker back cover

This book discusses the installation and use of the AmiBroker trading system development platform. 

It contains instructions for:

  • downloading the (free) trial version of AmiBroker
  • connecting AmiBroker to free and subscription data services
  • converting the trial version to a fully registered version. 

It also contains introductions to:

  • charting
  • the AmiBroker Formula Language (afl) used for backtesting
  • formula-based trading system development 

Chapter 3, “30 Minutes to Useful Results,” contains a sequence of ten graduated exercises that illustrate useful things you can do with AmiBroker in just a few minutes, even if you are using the trial version. These range from manipulating the charts, to applying on-screen indicators, to testing and optimizing trading systems. Everything is laid out, click-by-click, with screen captures to illustrate each step.

When the book was prepared, AmiBroker Version 5.50 (release) and 5.56 (beta) were current.  AmiBroker is now at Version 6.10.  The changes between version 5.50 and 6.10 are additions to the capabilities of AmiBroker, and will not distract from use of the book to install the program, set up data files, or learn the basics of AmiBroker.   

With the publication of the Second Edition, August 2012, the book is free for personal use.

Blue Owl Press is not connected with the AmiBroker organization beyond being an enthusiastic supporter.  For official information and documentation, please refer to the AmiBroker website.


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  1. Just wanted to say that I thought that “Intro to Amibroker” was super helpful. I learn by doing, and am a fan of tutorials. The ones in the book were great -concise, complete, and meaningful.

    Until now, I’ve been working in TradeStation and python. TradeStation has some severe Achille’s heels that made it really hard to get to the next level. So, I’ve been looking for something else. I thought it was going to be python + Quantopian (I’m biased towards python because I already know it well) but I also ran into some issues with Quantopian, especially regarding trading futures.

    I was hesitant about Amibroker at first because their marketing site is a relic from the 90s but I took the plunge anyway. I spent half a day going through the tuts in “Intro to Amibroker” and I already feel very familiar with the platform; combine this book with the help docs and user knowledgebase that Amibroker has online, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

    I should also mention that I was, to a large degree, influenced to try Amibroker by the quality of Dr. Bandy’s other books. I was able to reproduce his functions, indicators, and strategies in Tradestation but found it too cumbersome to do much of the post-dev analysis (related to risk, position sizing, portfolio mgmt) that Amibroker makes much easier. So far, I’m liking it.

  2. Hi Howard,

    After thinking about it and comming to the conclusion that my first choise of trading system development platform was not the right one for walk forward analysis (no good option to use any personal objective function) I decided to start and learn Amibroker.

    I downloaded the book and thought while I started that there might be other ways to get learning Amibroker next to the book.

    Could you give some auxillary ways of learning Amibroker (online or video courses maybe) that you know/heard of that could help me on the process of learning?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. As you know, the “Introduction to AmiBroker” book is free and can be downloaded in pdf format. Begin at its website:
      The book explains how to install AmiBroker and to set up data files. It includes ten graduated exercises that introduce use of AmiBroker — from displaying a chart through coding and testing a trading system.

      The AmiBroker organization has published an extensive set of tutorials that cover installation and operation. Begin at its website:

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