There are six books currently in publication, with over 110,000 copies in circulation.  The grid below shows the front cover of each.  Each cover image contains a link to a page with additional information specific to that book.

Comments and questions can be posted on the page of each individual book.  Discussion is encouraged.

Introduction to AmiBroker, Second Edition, was published in 2012.  It is in pdf format and is free for personal use.  The book can be downloaded from its page.

Quantitative Trading Systems was originally published in 2007, with the revised Second Edition published in 2011.

Mean Reversion Trading Systems was published in 2013.

Modeling Trading System Performance was published in 2011.

Quantitative Technical Analysis was published in 2015.

Foundations of Trading was published in 2016.


Quantitative Trading Systems book front cover
Introduction to AmiBroker book front cover
Mean Reversion Trading Systems book front cover
Modeling Trading System Performance book front cover
Quantitative Technical Analysis book front cover